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Test Engineering

Test Engineering

Achieving the right degree of in-house testing is usually challenging and expensive. Typically, the testing teams within companies are unable to handle the highs and lows of business, and the requirement for specialized testing only adds to their concerns. This results in inadequate test coverage that finally leads to a reduction in product quality and reliability.

We at Career Path have

  • Dedicated testing labs that research and innovate on your product testing needs, and deliver testing solutions that provide you with a competitive edge
  • Strong domain expertise that helps understand your products better
  • A repository of testing tools and frameworks to jump-start your testing initiatives
  • A business-focused testing approach to keep testing activities aligned to your needs

By harnessing our testing expertise, you will be able to enhance the quality of your products while reducing time-to-market and operating costs. We help you achieve

  • Substantially improve coverage by meticulous test strategy formulation and process gap analysis
  • Better ROI on your product investment through end-to-end test implementation and execution
  • Optimization of test automation tools and frameworks
  • Customer satisfaction through zero defect enablement


Consulting and Services Testing Techniques
  • Business and product oriented advisory services
  • Risk-based product test strategy formulation
  • Accelerated testing through automation
  • Business process testing
  • Pre-certification and compliance
  • Data Migration testing
  • Interoperability testing
  • Cloud-enabled testing
  • API testing
  • Web Services testing
  • Acceptance testing
  • Security testing
  • Mobile testing and automation
  • Internationalization testing


Best practices and tools for mature software product testing
Drawing on our rich testing and automation experience and expertise, we have developed

  • Test Engineering Maturity Model (TEMM): This resolves the ambiguities arising during software product testing and helps define the right set of testing activities to meet the needs of business, cost, quality, and time.
  • Test360°: This is an integrated tool set and practices based on proven product testing patterns. It uses proven Open Source testing tools and provides a platform that
    • Is open to integrate with licensed testing tools
    • Interoperates with existing investments in testing tools
    • Is incremental and uses the adapt rather than replace approach
  • iLeap: This is a best practices based blueprint for automation testing that helps you jumpstart your test automation initiatives. It enables the testing teams to automate and perform testing related to functionality, integration, and application program interface (API)/Web services.
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