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Performance Engineering

Performance Engineering

Many new software applications experience performance degradation under heavy usage once they’re in the production environment. These operational problems are a costly business disruption and can even damage your brand’s equity.

We are the expert performance engineering group at Impetus. And we can help you monitor the performance of your applications, from early modelling, to performance testing during development, to production.

Using our performance engineering services, you can

  • Achieve better ROI on your IT investment by tuning and optimizing existing infrastructure
  • Optimize the cost of new infrastructure by sizing application needs, enabling better capacity planning
  • Meet deployment dates by minimizing performance testing bottlenecks and developing acceptance criteria for go/no-go decisions
  • Enhance customer responsiveness by managing production performance, avoiding any unexpected downtime
  • Substantially lower the cost to find performance-related defects, bottlenecks, and scalability issues


Performance Engineering Specialized Performance Testing
  • Capacity planning
  • Client–side engineering
  • Load testing solutions
  • System diagnostic solutions
  • Performance–centric development
  • Testing and sizing solutions
  • Tuning and optimization
  • Cloud–based
  • JDBC
  • Mobile
  • Scalability
  • SIP and Messaging protocol
  • Software capacity planning
  • Web services


Load testing with SandStorm
SandStorm is an automated load-testing tool that helps you

  • Profile your application’s behavior and performance
  • Simulate an enterprise infrastructure by emulating thousands of users, helping you identify and isolate load-related bottlenecks in testing before they become problems in production
  • Predict end-to-end system performance before going live
  • Ensure that new or updated applications meet defined performance SLAs

Learn more about ourautomated load testing tool, SandStorm.

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