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Open Source

Open Source


The Open Source movement has revolutionized the manner in which software is being developed and deployed. It can speed time-to-market and deliver substantially lower licensing and maintenance costs.

While the advantages are real, it is important to ensure that proper safeguards are in place to address the unique challenges it presents – including licensing, integration, support, and system interdependencies.

Career Path helps you gain insights on Open Source, its workings, impact on existing infrastructure, and the processes that best leverage its advantages. Having worked on various Open Source technologies - researching, implementing, and contributing to the community – we have in-depth knowledge on how best to apply Open Source technologies for optimal benefits.

We work with you through a structured process of identifying the best available Open Source technologies to solve your specific business or technology challenges. We

  • Understand your systems and processes, and find synergies of Open Source tools and technologies with your existing architectures
  • Help develop, integrate, and implement solutions around Open Source technologies, given any inherent challenges or possible risks
  • Evolve your existing architectures in line with a defined technology or product roadmap to best leverage the options provided by Open Source technologies

Our Services
Whether identifying technologies, moving towards open development, or participating in communities, we help you get the most out of your Open Source journey. We

  • Assess the Open Source footprints in existing products and applications
  • Define strategy for Open Source migration
  • Analyze designing and developing migration strategies
  • Test migrated applications
  • Provide production support for Open Source components
  • Train on Open Source stacks

Our Contributions

  • Kundera:Kundera is an annotation-based Java library for the Cassandra database. The wrap-around application program interface (API) helps developers do away with the unnecessary boiler plate codes, and program code with reduced complexity. Kundera makes working with NoSQL simple, and serves as a JPA-compliant mapping solution for NoSQL data stores. It helps the developers focus on domain model and makes switching across the data stores easy. Kundera is available for download atGitHub.
  • Jumbune:Jumbune is an Open Source product built for analyzing Hadoop cluster and MapReduce jobs. It provides development and administrative insights of Hadoop based analytical solutions. It enables the user to debug, profile, monitor and validate analytical solutions hosted on decoupled clusters. Jumbune is available for download atGitHub.

Ankush:Ankush is a Big Data cluster management tool that creates and manages clusters of different technologies. It enables monitoring of cluster health through rack-based heat maps and utilization graphs. Customers can manage multiple clusters (on premise and Cloud-based), each running on a different technology, from a single web-based interface. It also provides real-time visualizations of thousands of metrics. Ankush can be deployed on the Cloud using Amazon Web Services and is available for download onGitHub. 

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